The flowering of humanity

A  documentary film by
James Carman
Co-Produced by Alan Steinfeld
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Superconscious is the embodiment of humanity’s highest potential. This film explores the unfolding of our greater minds on a personal and societal level.  We will document talented individuals who demonstrate expanded consciousness and the ability to delve into the uncharted territories of human awareness.

Specifically, the film details the awakening our more sophisticated capabilities.  To what extent can we refine our sensitivity of feeling, knowing and mystical prowess?   For millennia, abilities like clairvoyance, prophecy, psychokinesis, bi-location, and spirit communication have been the hallmark of spiritual masters. Is possession of these abilities a signpost for the mastering of greater awareness? We will go into scientific laboratories in order to see if the “Superconscious abilities” of these talented individuals can be empirically demonstrated, and if so, can they be taught? If they can be taught, do they bring wisdom?  Paul Selig and Uri Geller are two psychics we are considering for this section of the film.

Besides exploring the scientific aspects of “Superconscious abilities”, we will interview wisdom teachers from all over the world to gain understanding beyond consensus logic and a 3-dimentional understanding of the world. A few spiritual teachers who have expressed interest in being in the film are: Deepak Chopra, Ammachi, John of God, Paul Lowe and Sharon Gannon.

Are we evolving as a species right now? If so, how? By looking at the new science of field dynamics, can we gage the collective awakening and transformation of humanity? Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart’s , and Rupert Sheldrake think we can. They posit a morphogenetic field that connects all humanity and indicates that we are evolving into greater awareness.
The film’s goal is to impart an understanding of how each of us could be “lifted-up” to embody a greater potential. Perhaps this personal flowering could culminate in the collective flowering of humanity.

What would the flowering of humanity look like? What kind of society could we create? To what extent does love, compassion and service indicate our progress? Can we learn to live together without destroying the earth, animals and the environment? Can every single man, woman and child be clothed, educated and cared-for? Can we make a world where every person is awakened to the divinity within themselves?

Superconscious is a film that is an exploration into the individual and group potentials of humanity. Perhaps as a species, we are due for an upgrade? Perhaps, that is the only thing that will allow us to survive.s

James Carman is an EBE award winning filmmaker who has just completed a documentary entitled, The Hidden Hand. He is an accomplished cinematographer and photographer. He has studied spirituality and religious modalities for the last 30 years. He is dedicated to helping raise the consciousness of all living beings.

Alan Steinfeld is the host and producer of the ling running spiritually based television program New Realities… This is a 20 year investigation into the leading edge of science, spirituality, metaphysics and human potential… He has interviewed such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ram Dass, Bruce Lipton and many more.  His youtube channel has over 6 million views.

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